About Us

Welcome to our webpage!

We have created this website for the purpose of keeping in touch with our family and friends, and of course to keep you all updated as this is a cheap and easy tool for doing this.

Our newsletter is called Shenanigans because our beloved Granny Struthers used this word to describe what the kids and grand kids would get up to.  So we are going to uphold this saying as a family heirloom, for our family and friends to share what they get up to.

Quoted from Wikepedia

In some regions, shenanigans can refer to harmless mischievous play, especially by children.

The origin of the word is unknown but possibly originates from the Irish sionnachuighim, meaning “I play the fox.” Granny being Scottish and neighbours to the Irish naturally the word is used similarly.

We hope you enjoy keeping in touch with us and sharing our Shenanigans!

4 Oct 2009 update – We created a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account for The Struthers Clan

Here is a link to the Facebook page…The Struthers Clan on Facebook
Here is a link to our Twitter page…StruthersClan