2013 40 Hour Famine

Lachlan and Caitlin this year participated on the 40 Hour Famine to raise money and awareness for global hunger. This was Lachlan’s 2nd year and Caitlin and her friend Hannah’s first still being in grade 7. They did a great job.

We are at USQ Toowoomba now and it has just finished. They made lunches and I shouted them a Subway cookie for their efforts.

Feel free to look them up on the 40 Hour Famine website and donate to their efforts.

Other great participants are Hannah Wilton, Chloe Collier, Cameron Collier and Carly Jacobsen.

Here are their links so you can donate to their cause:

  • Lachlan Struthers
  • Caitlin Struthers
  • Hannah Wilton (I can’t find her page…)
  • Chloe Collier
  • Cameron Collier
  • Carly Jacobson

Well done to all of you! I would love it if each of you could leave a comment to let us know how you went and what you learnt from this experience.