Julie – Favourites – Gerbra’s

I chose my Gerbra colours carefully on Sunday.

Red and Yellow were Matt’s and my favourite colours.

One of the yellow was the very close to the colour of our HQ.

One reminds me of Matt and Anne as yellow is one of their favourite colours and Matthew’s is orange recently. This gerbra made me think of the both immediately and Smile. Love you both xo

Gerbra’s are special to me as my granddad had a very green thumb and Gerbra’s were one of his speciality’s with double and triples.

My mummy Lorraine always had Gerbra’s in our garden when I was growing up, although ours from memory were mostly single.

Dutch Hybrid Gerbra's
Dutch Hybrid Gerbra’s

Julie – Favourites – Dragons’ Elf

I couldn’t resist this garden ornament/statue.

It was a joint Valentine present a few years back for my fairy garden.

The elf/pixie and baby dragon represented me and my interests and the dragon Matts.

It is the perfect us item for my garden bubble.

We still haven’t named them, the name are needed any suggestions…?

Dragons Elf
Dragons Elf
Dragons Elf 1
Dragons Elf 1

Julie – Favourites – Fairy Mug

Another precious item that makes me smile.

A gift from Caity for Mothers Day a few years ago.

From our wonderful outing together at the Mind Body and Soul (MBS) Expo.

Fairy Mug MBS
Fairy Mug MBS

Julie – Favourites – Snake Plant Pot

Found this treasure yesterday at an op shop.

Loved the shape of it perfect for another indoor plant.

Transplanted my snake plant / mother in laws tongue.

New Planter Pot - Snake Plant
New Planter Pot – Snake Plant


Julie – Favourites – Shades of Pink

I love these shades of pink…

They makes me smile.

 My favourite dressing gown.

Shades of Pink - My Dressing Gown
Shades of Pink – My Dressing Gown
Shades of Pink - My Dressing Gown 1
Shades of Pink – My Dressing Gown 1

Julie – Favourites – Fairy Tea Cup

Can’t wait to put my tea pot in my fairy garden from the kids.

I have the perfect spot, pride and place on top.

Looking forward to getting my fairy garden finished.

Mother’s Day Present 2017.

Favourites - Fairy Tea Cup
Favourites – Fairy Tea Cup

Julie – Favourites – 9 Cats Mug

One of my favourite cups I got for Christmas 2016. It brings me joy and makes me smile.

There are 9 cats that represent the 9 in our family; Matthew and I and four kids and 3 partners.

Oh and I love cats lol

Favourites - 9 cats mug
Favourites – 9 cats mug