2013 40 Hour Famine

Lachlan and Caitlin this year participated on the 40 Hour Famine to raise money and awareness for global hunger. This was Lachlan’s 2nd year and Caitlin and her friend Hannah’s first still being in grade 7. They did a great job.

We are at USQ Toowoomba now and it has just finished. They made lunches and I shouted them a Subway cookie for their efforts.

Feel free to look them up on the 40 Hour Famine website and donate to their efforts.

Other great participants are Hannah Wilton, Chloe Collier, Cameron Collier and Carly Jacobsen.

Here are their links so you can donate to their cause:

  • Lachlan Struthers
  • Caitlin Struthers
  • Hannah Wilton (I can’t find her page…)
  • Chloe Collier
  • Cameron Collier
  • Carly Jacobson

Well done to all of you! I would love it if each of you could leave a comment to let us know how you went and what you learnt from this experience.



Family 2013

Feb Lockie went on Leadership Camp. Caity turned 12. So proud of Lachlan and Caitlin. Lachlan is one of the community officers and in leadership group, and Caitlin on Valentines day was voted house captain for meteors so excited they get their badges this week.

House Captain
House Captain
Community Officer, House Captain's
Community Officer, House Captain’s

May Justin turned 15.

Had Nanny Zee visit last week and Damien, Natalie, James and Matilda moved to sunny Queensland YAY!!!! What a great week for the Struthers Clan. Lockie took his girlfriend Tamika to dinner at the golf club for their 9 mth anniversary.

July Had a hot date with my husband, surprise dinner and was great. I think the last time we did this was quite a few years ago. Thank you Matthew I needed a time out xoxo Thomas turned 14.

Julie finally got to see a surgeon about her hernia. Julie helped do the make up for the school musical. 29 July Renovation started. We have dismantled the laundry.

16 Aug Caity’s swimming carnival first one I’ve gone to in awhile.  Caity’s house Captain for Meteors and they won this year so it was very exciting and a great day.

Aug Well 40 hr famine nearly over Lockie, Caity and Hannah did great!! Good job guys. This was Lockie’s second year and Caity and Hannah’s first year.  Xo Damien, Nat and family visited whilst poppy was up from Sydney. Alwasy great catching up. Lockie to USQ open day on Sunday, he is so excited about his choice. So proud of him! Actually got to speak with some teachers for specific area he is stoked couldn’t get smile off his face. OMG Lockie just drive from Warwick to Augustine Heights YAY we made it lol first big drive. Lockie and Tamika went to semi formal as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Mickey and Minnie
Mickey and Minnie

Sept Catch up with some of Julie’s friends from school at the Caxton. Great Night.

Sept Busy day dropped into junior footy presentation, now on way to Caloundra to see Matthews family for first time in 6yrs for Matthew and 16yrs for me and kids, so excited.

My mum and brother arrived Friday, haven’t seem mum for 8mths and 2ish yrs for my little bro…only spent 8hrs with them so far looking forward to this week!! Date with Matthew to Umpire Dinner.

Oct Day shopping with mum, Caity, Lockie and Jamie xo Then off to see grandad at Hamilton with Matthew, Lockie, Caity, Damien, Natalie, James, and Matilda what a busy day. Caity and I had a shopping day with mum at garden city, and surprised her having coffee with Aunty Lyn, Leanne, Olivia, Mackenzie, Erika and Myah. Caity took her cousins window shopping while we finished it cuppas was so cute! They are getting too big lol.. Busy day with friends for cuppas Kel and Cheryl, then Ritchie, Cherry, Tayla, Bayleigh, and Jayde for dinner, and Cherry for a sleepover.

Aunty Rosie 60th
Aunty Rosie 60th

12 Oct On way to my aunties 60th with Lockie doing another big drive, happy birthday Aunty Rosie xo First time I have seen her since 1999, and longer for some of the other family.

New referral off to Toowoomba Hospital to see my new surgeon. Lockie turned 17.

On a double date for our anniversaries with Tamika and Lockie for 1 year, and our 18th wedding anniversary. We went to the revolving restaurant at the gold coast and watched the sunset.

Matt and Lockie also surprised Tamika and I with gold class movie tickets to watch a romantic comedy called About time, and was really good at Australia Fair at gold coast. And then took us window shopping to fill in time before our dinner booking at the revolving restaurant, then at beach watching waves and moon, and then harbour town for coffee, when their bank accounts recover they are taking Tamika and I shopping at harbour town all day shopping Yay! Just found one of my bestest friends on FB I had misplaced over the years of moving around YAY!!!!!!! Love my Tutti Frutti !!! xo Caity and Julie tried yoga dvd at home OMG was hilarious.

Nov Went to Christmas in the country and met up with my two aunties and 3 cousins. Also went to the Celtic festival at helidon on Sunday was a great day out although was a bit quiet…. With the Colliers.  Julie went for her CT scan to confirm what was going on with her hernia. They found a hernia in my umbilical and it keeps getting infected signed my paperwork for surgery, just waiting for anesthetist pre surgery appointment. Windscreen got hit with a huge rock on Friday and can’t get replaced until Wednesday going to be fun driving, poor Lockie was driving we both jumped when it happened. Busy as, last day working at Amberley. Then two more sleeps until Lockies formal and year 12 finished. What an emotional week. Lockie graduated from year 12 on Friday, and Formal that night.

Lockie and Tamika Formal
Lockie and Tamika Formal
Formal Family Portrait
Formal Family Portrait

So so proud of Lachlan, off to uni next year to study archoelogy so excited for him! My first baby is all grown up, First to finish high school and go to year 12 and First in our family to go to uni what a milestone! Congrats to his girlfriend Tamika who is just lovely & all their friends especially my adopted cherubs you know who you are love you all heaps! Well awesome day shopping went to check out what all the commotion is about harbour town. OMG it was great! Then got back to the car to discover someone had left our lights on so flat battery. Then discover roadside assist had run out thank god lockie has his free to go so racq came and helped us. Had barely enough charge on my phone to ring them, then matthew and then the school. Phone died in transit on way home. Huge thank you to Scott for picking up my kids love you guys. Proud of Lockie. He received mail from the uni yesterday. He is in the running for a scholarship. I am crossing everything xo how exciting!

28 Nov OMG Caity just got 3 awards at Awards night – she got an academic award, maths award and citizenship award so so Proud of our girl. xoxo

Awards Night Caity
Awards Night Caity

Dec Busy weekend, Road trip to Mooloolaba on Sunday with The Colliers, Went on a Dolphin Cruise with no Dolphins, but had fun at the beach! Really miss the surf and the sand! Feel a sea change coming LOL Got the kids report cards today. Tom did very well and is improving every term great job very proud of you Tom! Justin did excellent and also achieved his cert 1 in IT very proud of you too. Caity got her report card last week and did excellent but her 3 awards kind of indicated that lol very proud of you Chook. Lachlan’s was very good also and he also achieved a cert 3 in Lighting and production. Lachlan’s Principals Report came with Justin’s report and was quite impressive. He said “He is an excellent role model, continually demonstrates personal morals and ethics which emulate a person of extreme maturity.” As a mum is always lovely to her other adults can see what you see, very proud of you Lockie you have become a fine young man. He also got an OP of 9 which is amazing and just shows a healthy work and play balanced is very important. Thank goodness this school year is over. It was so tiring. Super proud of all of you! My mum had surgery on her foot and all went well, and brother has moved to a new flat with a mate for the first time. Everything happens at xmas. Oh and I finally got a surgery date on Friday. Pre surgery on the 3rd of Jan and Surgery on the 6th Jan 2014. Cant wait to get over and done with. Hope it relieves all my symptoms a little over it. I survived my first lesson on HALO Reach from Justin, need more practise but had fun. Celebrated a big family xmas for the first time with grandparents and uncle and aunty was great.