2011 Family

12 Jan 2011 Flood we were cut off but ok.

15 Jan R.I.P. Little Jasmine our Cat found her dead in the laundry and a dead brown snake outside our bathroom window in the yard. Poor Justin is devastated. 🙁 the Flooding is flushing them out of their hidey holes.

26 Jan Get day family BBQ. Visitors dropped in. Kids went to dam on surf ski and, Sophie (our dog) pulled out a brown snake from the grass next to dam a meter and a half from where the kids where standing and killed it. Nothing like a bit of excitement. It was quite a decent size one.

27 Jan RIP our Beautiful girl Sophie she killed a brown snake yesterday and unfortunately she was bitten.

23 March Far out am so over snakes! Looked out my laundry window about 4pm and a snake is looking back at me on our water tank. Nearly 2m long. OMG ! Apparently it was a brown tree snake.

10 April Lost 8 Chooks this week and we finally found the culprit this morning a dirty big FOX trying to take one of my roosters under our gate. Thankfully he was not successful and Frosty is ok.

25 April Anzac Day Parade and Service was really good! First time in ages that I have attended and first time with our whole family. 🙂

3 June So pround of Caity and Thomas, they had their sports carnival today, and Caitlin came 2nd in 200m and is going to Zone next week for the first time how exciting!

4 July  Finished my Reiki masters. Nanny Lorraine and Uncle Jamie are visiting.

8 Aug Lockie played his last game for season and Thomas played his first what a busy Saturday.

16 Aug Looking forward to JNR Presentation Saturday Night for Lockie. Should be a good night with GREAT company!!!

7 Sept My little princess is on her first camp. It is so quiet without her I hope she is having a great time! I miss my little chicken 🙁 Hope she is having sweet dreams.

8 Oct Our Chelsea is pregnant should have puppies by the end of the month! Can feel them move now, and she is so sooky lol.

Chelsea's Puppies
Chelsea’s Puppies

29 Oct Matthew won a key from River 94.9 to win a Harley Davison Bike At GASOLINE ALLEY Matthew is waiting to get his key OMG. Sadly we didn’t win it.

1 Nov Julie kicked of a cheap hip hop lesson at the High School with the help of Mr Groves the dance teacher.  Our first night was a great success! Thanks to all that attended I am sure the kids all had a great time! Huge Thank you to Mrs Groves our dance teacher! Cant wait till next week Monday night

5 Nov My poor little chicken has broken her arm 🙁 she came off Lockie’s ripstick lol.

6 Nov AWESOME day at White Water World for the footy club ! Poor Caity missed out and rest with friends :(.

22 Nov Well first night running our dance group without Mrs Groves went well. Locki and Felix did an awesome job teaching the kids the beginning of a new routine! We had FUN! Glad she is back next week.

27 Nov Very proud of Lachlan Struthers he is being trained on the DJ equipment at Blue light and did most of the senior disco. He did a great job! Thank you Pete your apprentice will go far LOL.

6 Dec Caity off to the Doctors tomorrow should find out when her cast can come off, hopefully soon. School Dance Night was AWESOME! Kids did a great job! Now only 1 left at Primary School. Oh and Monday Tom does year 8 orientation at the high school what a busy week ahead.

9 Dec YAY! Lockie is home today from his big trip to Sydney traveled down with Poppy Stan! Have missed him and was sooo quiet LOL. Caught a plane home on his own for the first time.