Matt’s surprise birthday party!

Well last weekend we had a party at our place that I was surprised about….well, really I was surprised about who was coming because I sort of worked out that we were having a party…

A HUGE thank you to my beautiful wife for organising the great get-together of my close friends and family.  Julie is awesome and I love her very, very much and appreciate the effort you went to Darlin’.

We even had guests that came all the way from Sydney, Nigel, Loren and Courtney, especially special guests as my brother and sister-in-law and niece.  Thanks heaps for making the trip guys.  It was excellent to catch up with you and we all look forward to catching up again soon.

There were others from Sydney that couldn’t make it and I totally understand and got their messages and calls of best wishes.

We started the day with digging holes for a pit of burning hot fire, that would eventually end up cooking our food in a traditional Hāngi (pronounced hungi).  Thanks heaps Doug, Uncle Rangi and Uncle Nigel for being a part of that special memory, and for doing most of the digging in our beautiful, moist clay-like concrete dirt we keep here…. 🙂

Then the guests started arriving and the surprise got better.  Almost everyone I could have hoped being there was there, great job Julie.  We had Scott and Kylee and the tribe, The Rhino’s, The Cuz’s, Mal, Leeane, Gav and Erika and all the kids, Aunty Lyn, Nikki and Andy, Daisy, Riley and Ashley, The Gilly’s, The Morgans, The newly matrimonialised Hutcheson’s, the great neighbours the Dal Pastro’s and the Leslie’s.  If I forgot anyone please post a comment and get up me publicly.

No I did not forget our adopted family.   Chris put in a super HUGE effort helping out with catering and her fry bread was awesome with the beautifully tender silverside and roast meats and vegetables from the Hāngi.  On top of that it is always a pleasure to have all of the Bootten’s girls and Uncle Rangi’s (Ritchie) company,who needs a special mention also.  Ritchie helped me get wood through the week, as did Ritchie Dal Pastro (who also generously donated our wood to us) to make sure we had enough for the Hāngi and for the fires to keep everyone warm and he helped us dig out the Hāngi hole, move dirt from the paddock to the fire to cover the Hāngi and then dig it back up again.  Then later at night helped to keep some peace and also gave Doug a lift home.

I am not going to go into the finer points of what happens when you mix light beers, heavy beers, Southern and orange and then some donated shots together with a cheap drunk……..let’s just say my aim could have been better.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came along to my party.  I had an excellent time and wish we did this more often.  Speaking of which if anyone wants to just give us a call we can organise it, we are almost always here.

Most specialist thanks to my beautiful wife again for organising this excellent get-together.

Matt Struthers

Preparing the Hungi
Preparing the Hungi
Matt's Bday
Matt’s Bday

P.S. If anyone has photo’s of the night I would really appreciate a CD if you wanted to send it or bring it out.  Nigel I will be in Sydney soon and would love a copy of the DVD from your video camera.

Family 2010

12 Feb Went to and information evening on kenesiology.

March Matthew worked in Canberra for a week. Matthew and Caity are off to do the Anzac Day march Locally.  She is going to wear Matthews medals how cool!

25th April Awesome time at Jason and Deb’s House warming on Friday Night! Dan was amazing!Looking forward to seeing him in action at the Story Bridge! Would like to thank Jo and Chris for including us in their Naming ceremony for Zoe yesterday! It was a beautiful alternative to a Christening am now considering a Pagan Naming for my other three! Awesome!

11 Oct So glad we are home! We are all in one piece now! Lockie is doing great and had a quick recovery after his surgery! He was drying a sharp knife and it slipped through his hand and he cut 2 fingers and the tendon in one so they had to operate to repair it.

Lockie at Physio
Lockie at Physio

11 Nov OMG!!!! first snake in chicken coop, only a baby but I scared it off accidentally before Matthew could kill it.  Was a bit dark to see properly but looked black and about a meter long. OMG I had a heart attack. Hopefully it was only passing through!

8 Dec Busy Week So Proud of Justin Getting an Academic Award !! Great way to finish year 7!! Dance Night last night was terrific all the kids did a great job!!


Dance Night
Dance Night

Report Cards received AWESOME effort so proud of you guys!!! xo