Family 2009

High school for Lockie this year. It is a bit tough at the moment he comes home really happy it is just the mornings that are difficult. Oh how time flies. Lockie had a funny thing happen on the bus last week, he sat in front of two girls and they started poking his ears and pulled his hair through his hat on the bus in the morning. Then they ask each other why he wasn’t talking and they commented he might not be a people person which Lockie thought was hilarious. Then later on that day they approached him at school and introduced themselves they are in grade 9 and 10 now he get to sit at the back of the bus with the cool big kids, so he thinks he is awesome now lol.

First Day of school
First Day of school

17th March Found a Turtle in our front yard when we returned from school and save it from our dogs, it was right at the front of the house near the path. We fed it for a few days and put nail polish on its back and put it in our dam.

June  Ooops Julie thinks Buttons is having kittens Matthew will be so pleased. Julie is going to see P!NK perform at I’m not Dead concert and she can’t wait. Julie is getting a baby goat for the farm.

14th July  Caity had her first horse riding lesson the other day on a horse 17 hands tall, he was huge. Very glad she didn’t fall off. Lockie and I had our first ride on a friends motorbikes recently, they are teaching us to ride, had lots of fun and war wounds to boot LOL.

15th July  Very proud of Caity coming 2nd in her race for her athletics carnival this week. Very Proud of Tom who came first at the Gatton Show for a drawing he submitted.

27th July P!NK Rocks!!!!! Awesome Concert as Julie expected. We were 2 deep from the catwalk.

25th Aug Well it would appear I was out a little Buttons had 4 beautiful kittens on the 25th August one boy and 3 girls, they are beautiful.

buttons kittens
buttons kittens

Our boy goat Bronty has settled in quite nicely he is great!

2nd September Today we found the culperate caught in the act of the missing chicken and only clue were the feathers left in our yeard! NAUGHTY Chelsea was caught eating our precious Charlotte this morning. 🙁 I am now off to collect the kids and break the news to them wish me luck.

10th Sept Hoping Thomas is having a great time on camp, it is his first time. School hasn’t rung so no news is good news.

Very quiet without Thomas here. I can’t sleep. Oh he is coming home today LOL. Its now Friday!! Hope he had a great time and made some nice friends.

Well Tom is home. He cried the whole first night. Wouldn’t come out of the cabin. Missed Dinner, Desert and when he finally came out they where dancing, he didn’t do that either. 🙁 But the next two days he had a great time and did dance the next night. He got the highest score for archery, fastest for orienteering loved the low ropes, flying possum so had a great time. Despite coming good was very happy to be home! Tom is our little family man.

19th Sept Off to Justy’s Soccer Presentation today. Justin was stoked that he got a trophy for soccer.

2nd Oct Lockie and Julie went to Black Eyed Peas Concert last night it was AWESOME! Fergie ROCKS! Lockie was very surprised as he found out 30 mins before we left as an early Birthday present and to top off we were in standing room.

3rd Oct Julie started her Reiki course and had a great time.

6th Oct Another quiet week this time Lockie is on his yr 8 camp…. I am sure he will have a great time he has made some lovely friends.  Did Reiki with Cailtin last night for the first time, which was not only special but a beautiful moment to share with my little girl! She felt great afterwards slept soundly and I hope it continued through today. Hoping to share with Justin and Tom tonight (well at least one of them) and maybe Matthew.

9th Oct Lockie is home tonight ….. Yeah!! Missed him Lots and so did everyone else!!! xoxo

The kids were very excited this week and took the kitten to school for show and tell. Julie is going to get cross at her girl if she doesn’t get out of bed. It appears that bathing caps are not cool. LOL She has swimming today.

18th Oct Julie is sleep deprived and has survived Lockie’s 13th Bday sleepover.

21st Oct Our poor Tom is having issues at school. I am so annoyed!!! I hope we can make it all stop soon!!! Actually I am more than annoyed ropable would be closer.  I hope we can get it sorted soon or at least get Tom to talk to us about it. He has clammed up at the moment and it pretending nothing is going on. Justin kept an eye on for us which was great. Tom has got involved playing chess at the library.

25th Oct Had a lovely day with my family at the Gem Festival then the Celtic Festival on way home and caught up with my cousin and his family…. Awesome !!

 7th Nov Caribou Farewell in Townsville. Was an awesome trip had a great time.
TVL 38 Farewell
TVL 38 Farewell
Kids in a Caribou
Kids in a Caribou
When we returned Cuteness Julie’s cat went missing.