2014 Our first Real Family Holiday in 15 years

We booked our first family holiday and we are off to Port Douglas to stay at the Ramada. Our first leg,  will be Brisbane to Proserpine. We will picked Julie up from her massage and then headed off.  With Lachlan getting his P’s we now have three able drivers, although he was quite capable on his L’s. Google Maps says we will take 12 hours and 41 minutes so I think we will stop a few times along the way, so we expect to arrive around 2 am Sunday. 🙂

The second leg was from Proserpine to Port Douglas.  Google says this leg will take 8 hours and 21 minutes.  We can’t check in until 4 pm on Monday which is also Julie’s birthday.  To break the trip up and not be in the car all day on her birthday we are having a stop over in Townsville.

Can’t Wait!! Time for family fun!! Arriving on Julie’s Birthday….

So we have returned from our first family holiday to Port Douglas which was quite eventful as we had a cyclone off the coast which called our holiday a little short as we left early to prevent being stuck up there.

But also got to see Nanny and Poppy and Uncle Jamie at Proserpine, and The Hogans in Townsville which was great to catch up.