2014 Matthew’s 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse

Well I finished without too much hassle.  30 days without caffeine, 30 days without alcohol, 30 days without eating whatever I want whenever I want.  Julie and I completed a nutritional cleanse designed to remove the toxins and “reset” your body so it can do what it needs to do on its own, I was not looking to lose much weight, just get healthier and tidy up the loose bits live the love handles.  It involved replacing two meals a day with shakes (mine were vanilla with fruit and stuff in them sometimes to mix it up) taking some natural supplements and doing a couple of deep cleanses during the month.  The deep cleanses involve having basically liquid for the two days using the berry flavoured powder four times a day.  Not really that hard. The benefit is gaining a better understanding of what I should be eating to be healthier, including my portion sizes, and the cleanse somehow makes you feel so alive with energy.

During this time I was also just getting to the finals series with AFLQ in Brisbane.  I was very worried doing this cleanse that it would affect my performance on the field but the result was quite the opposite finding I had more than enough energy to handle what I needed to.  I even got selected to umpire the Grand Final for the QFA (South) Reserves.  I did put in everything I had throughout the year to get selected for as much as possible but the Grand Final was by far my most favourite game ever to  umpire, and in my first year umpiring in Brisbane, I am very chuffed to have been a part of it.  The Grand Final went well with me emptying all my takns of energy by the end of the game and once the adrenaline started to wane I had to sit down or I was gonna be on my arse anyway!  The best feeling ever when two teams put everything in and you are able to keep up and manage it well, in my opinion.

Anyway, still having loads of energy it is time to find a mountain bike and hit the trails, hopefully with the kids as well.  If you want to know more about what Julie have done with our cleanse just get in touch with us through Facebook.

Measurements too (the difference is listed):

Neck .4cm

Upper arms L .1cm /R .2cm

Chest 2cm

Diaphragm 2.5cm

Waist 14.3cm

Abdomen 6.6cm

Buttocks 4.1cm

Upper Thigh L 3.1cm/R 3.5cm

Calf L .9cm/R 1.2cm

Upper Knee L 2.5cm/R .9cm

Here are a couple of photos of my cleanse progress.  I didn’t think I had much weight to lose, until I saw the photo’s.

2014 Our first Real Family Holiday in 15 years

We booked our first family holiday and we are off to Port Douglas to stay at the Ramada. Our first leg,  will be Brisbane to Proserpine. We will picked Julie up from her massage and then headed off.  With Lachlan getting his P’s we now have three able drivers, although he was quite capable on his L’s. Google Maps says we will take 12 hours and 41 minutes so I think we will stop a few times along the way, so we expect to arrive around 2 am Sunday. 🙂

The second leg was from Proserpine to Port Douglas.  Google says this leg will take 8 hours and 21 minutes.  We can’t check in until 4 pm on Monday which is also Julie’s birthday.  To break the trip up and not be in the car all day on her birthday we are having a stop over in Townsville.

Can’t Wait!! Time for family fun!! Arriving on Julie’s Birthday….

So we have returned from our first family holiday to Port Douglas which was quite eventful as we had a cyclone off the coast which called our holiday a little short as we left early to prevent being stuck up there.

But also got to see Nanny and Poppy and Uncle Jamie at Proserpine, and The Hogans in Townsville which was great to catch up.

2013 40 Hour Famine

Lachlan and Caitlin this year participated on the 40 Hour Famine to raise money and awareness for global hunger. This was Lachlan’s 2nd year and Caitlin and her friend Hannah’s first still being in grade 7. They did a great job.

We are at USQ Toowoomba now and it has just finished. They made lunches and I shouted them a Subway cookie for their efforts.

Feel free to look them up on the 40 Hour Famine website and donate to their efforts.

Other great participants are Hannah Wilton, Chloe Collier, Cameron Collier and Carly Jacobsen.

Here are their links so you can donate to their cause:

  • Lachlan Struthers
  • Caitlin Struthers
  • Hannah Wilton (I can’t find her page…)
  • Chloe Collier
  • Cameron Collier
  • Carly Jacobson

Well done to all of you! I would love it if each of you could leave a comment to let us know how you went and what you learnt from this experience.



2014 Where did Struthers come from?

Tonight Caitlin asked me where did Struthers come from.  I didn’t know any more than following the family tree so we Googled it and found this.  We thought it was quite interesting so I have shared it with you all here.

Last name: Struthers

This interesting surname has two possible sources the first being that it is a topographical name for a person who lived by marshy ground overgrown with brushwood and is derived from the Olde English ‘strod’, the Middle English ‘strother’, meaning damp land. However it is also a locational name from any of the various places named with this element, for example ‘Strother’ in Northumberland, ‘Struther’ in Lanarkshire or Struthers in Fife, Scotland. Although this name is popular in Scotland, references point to an origin further south, perhaps from the place in Northumberland where the ancient family of Strothers were lords of the manor of Kirk-Newton in the barony of Wark-on-the-Tweed. Amongst the early recordings was that of Alexander Struthers who married Janet Strang on 12th August 1697 at Last Kilbride, Lanarkshire.A Coat of Arms was granted to a family at Calderbank, County Lanark in 1808 and has the blazon of a silver shield, three blue piles issuing from the base, in chief an eagles head erased proper between two black fleur-de-lis, denoting victory over the French. The Crest being a black martlet. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of John Strwtheris, witness, which was dated 1555, Glasgow, during the reign of Queen Mary of Scotland, 1542 – 1567. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was known as Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to “develop” often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.

© Copyright: Name Origin Research www.surnamedb.com 1980 – 2011

I found this here.


Matt’s surprise birthday party!

Well last weekend we had a party at our place that I was surprised about….well, really I was surprised about who was coming because I sort of worked out that we were having a party…..lol

A HUGE thank you to my beautiful wife for organising the great get-together of my close friends and family.  Julie is awesome and I love her very, very much and appreciate the effort you went to Darlin’.

We even had guests that came all the way from Sydney, Nigel, Loren and Courtney, especially special guests as my brother and sister-in-law and niece.  Thanks heaps for making the trip guys.  It was excellent to catch up with you and we all look forward to catching up again soon.

There were others from Sydney that couldn’t make it and I totally understand and got their messages and calls of best wishes.

We started the day with digging holes for a pit of burning hot fire, that would eventually end up cooking our food in a traditional Hāngi (pronounced hungi).  Thanks heaps Doug, Uncle Rangi and Uncle Nigel for being a part of that special memory, and for doing most of the digging in our beautiful, moist clay-like concrete dirt we keep here…. 🙂

Then the guests started arriving and the surprise got better.  Almost everyone I could have hoped being there was there, great job Julie.  We had Scott and Kylee and the tribe, The Rhino’s, The Cuz’s, Mal, Leeane, Gav and Erika and all the kids, Aunty Lyn, Nikki and Andy, Daisy, Riley and Ashley, The Gilly’s, The Morgans, The newly matrimonialised Hutcheson’s, the great neighbours the Dal Pastro’s and the Leslie’s.  If I forgot anyone please post a comment and get up me publicly.

No I did not forget our adopted family.   Chris put in a super HUGE effort helping out with catering and her fry bread was awesome with the beautifully tender silverside and roast meats and vegetables from the Hāngi.  On top of that it is always a pleasure to have all of the Bootten’s girls and Uncle Rangi’s (Ritchie) company,who needs a special mention also.  Ritchie helped me get wood through the week, as did Ritchie Dal Pastro (who also generously donated our wood to us) to make sure we had enough for the Hāngi and for the fires to keep everyone warm and he helped us dig out the Hāngi hole, move dirt from the paddock to the fire to cover the Hāngi and then dig it back up again.  Then later at night helped to keep some peace and also gave Doug a lift home.

I am not going to go into the finer points of what happens when you mix light beers, heavy beers, Southern and orange and then some donated shots together with a cheap drunk……..let’s just say my aim could have been better.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that came along to my party.  I had an excellent time and wish we did this more often.  Speaking of which if anyone wants to just give us a call we can organise it, we are almost always here.

Most specialist thanks to my beautiful wife again for organising this excellent get-together.

Matt Struthers

Preparing the Hungi
Preparing the Hungi
Matt's Bday
Matt’s Bday

P.S. If anyone has photo’s of the night I would really appreciate a CD if you wanted to send it or bring it out.  Nigel I will be in Sydney soon and would love a copy of the DVD from your video camera.

First Aid YUCAN2!…Can you save your childrens lives?

“First Aid YUCAN2 offers quality First Aid training at an affordable price, with real life experience from Trainer, Tammy Richie. I knew what to do when I found my son drowning, would you know what to do, well YUCAN2!”
This is the description from this Facebook group for a good friend of ours.  Tammy has an excellent concept and dream in which every parent, Mum’s in particular, are able to save their children from dying.
This business of Tammy’s arose out of the need to save her own son and then realising how needed these important skills are in the community.
If you value your children’s lives and want to know how to save their life if the need arises, contact Tammy to find out how you can do a course.
Alternatively, if you would like to contact us and do it at our place I am trying to get enough people together to get Tammy out, I need another 10 (use the form below).
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Seatbelt Champion ™

To be the champion there are simple rules to follow, after getting in the car you need to satisfy the following only:

1. The car door closest to you is closed. If there is no door next to your seat, consider your door is closed.

2. Your seatbelt is clicked in.

3. Both arms are raised reaching for the roof.

4. Dad always wins!

Honesty is required to determine the champion.

Whoever sees the first contest must honestly report who was first.It is up to the family to decide if there will be other places after the champion.

The reasons for the door being closed and the seatbelt clicked are for safety.

The reason for both arms raised is to prove your seatbelt is fastened properly.

Good luck, have fun and remember to contest fairly.

For proposed changes to these rules submit a comment below.