Julie – Favourites – Gerbra’s

I chose my Gerbra colours carefully on Sunday.

Red and Yellow were Matt’s and my favourite colours.

One of the yellow was the very close to the colour of our HQ.

One reminds me of Matt and Anne as yellow is one of their favourite colours and Matthew’s is orange recently. This gerbra made me think of the both immediately and Smile. Love you both xo

Gerbra’s are special to me as my granddad had a very green thumb and Gerbra’s were one of his speciality’s with double and triples.

My mummy Lorraine always had Gerbra’s in our garden when I was growing up, although ours from memory were mostly single.

Dutch Hybrid Gerbra's
Dutch Hybrid Gerbra’s

Julie – Favourites – Dragons’ Elf

I couldn’t resist this garden ornament/statue.

It was a joint Valentine present a few years back for my fairy garden.

The elf/pixie and baby dragon represented me and my interests and the dragon Matts.

It is the perfect us item for my garden bubble.

We still haven’t named them, the name are needed any suggestions…?

Dragons Elf
Dragons Elf
Dragons Elf 1
Dragons Elf 1

Julie – Favourites – Fairy Mug

Another precious item that makes me smile.

A gift from Caity for Mothers Day a few years ago.

From our wonderful outing together at the Mind Body and Soul (MBS) Expo.

Fairy Mug MBS
Fairy Mug MBS

Julie – Favourites – Snake Plant Pot

Found this treasure yesterday at an op shop.

Loved the shape of it perfect for another indoor plant.

Transplanted my snake plant / mother in laws tongue.

New Planter Pot - Snake Plant
New Planter Pot – Snake Plant


Julie – Favourites – Shades of Pink

I love these shades of pink…

They makes me smile.

 My favourite dressing gown.

Shades of Pink - My Dressing Gown
Shades of Pink – My Dressing Gown
Shades of Pink - My Dressing Gown 1
Shades of Pink – My Dressing Gown 1

Julie – Favourites – Fairy Tea Cup

Can’t wait to put my tea pot in my fairy garden from the kids.

I have the perfect spot, pride and place on top.

Looking forward to getting my fairy garden finished.

Mother’s Day Present 2017.

Favourites - Fairy Tea Cup
Favourites – Fairy Tea Cup

Julie – Favourites – 9 Cats Mug

One of my favourite cups I got for Christmas 2016. It brings me joy and makes me smile.

There are 9 cats that represent the 9 in our family; Matthew and I and four kids and 3 partners.

Oh and I love cats lol

Favourites - 9 cats mug
Favourites – 9 cats mug

2017 Update 1

2017 Summary so far…

We moved from our farm to an hour and a half away from our old house, so huge move. Matthew’s sister Katherine and husband Mark brought their babies, Ebony and Ivy, to see us and were a god send helping us with our move. The move, for those who don’t know, was to reduce the travel for Matthew with his new job. He had been doing 3 hour round trips every day for a year and we needed a change of scenery. Matthews travel time is almost halved with our move and we certainly have a change of scenery and a new lifestyle. It has been very good for us, despite a few health issues.

Matthew works at Amberley Heritage Centre once a month doing RAAF Reserve work.  We have discussed him stopping, so he is looking at other Reserve options. He had an interview for a Web Developers position. If all goes well he will fly to Canberra for training.

Caity changed school’s due to the move was a difficult transition.  Caitlin got her Learner’s, very exciting news.

Thomas adjusted fine and celebrated becoming an adult.

Justin and Bridget are very busy with uni and both doing well.

Lachlan and Tiffany got married last November, for those who didn’t hear.  Lachlan has finished his degree and graduates in September, so very exciting.

I have been busy catching up on projects I have had on hold for far too long. Chair covers, bit of scrapbooking, a few blankets, my garden, started learning to make Jam and enjoying the local markets, which are awesome.

Since moving we have had our health check done and dentist checks.  We have been more to the doctors in the last 8 months than the last 8 years.  Our new doctors are great. Have a great dentist and still happy to travel to see him.

Had a trip to my mummy’s booked, and Aunty Lyn was coming with me. Only one of us went and she had a great time, loved the updates.

Busy weekend Caity had a sleepover at her boyfriend Dylan’s. Thomas had friends over for the first time at our new place.  Nathan and Peter came for the weekend.

2017-07-28 Nathan and Peter visited
2017-07-28 Nathan and Peter visited

The boys went up to Nambour with Matthew to some gaming café, and then Matthew dropped them off to the movies on the way home.

The Beauclerc’s came for a visit was so great catching up it had been way too long.

We pick up Caity from Dylan’s and my Sweet Peas have a garden bed.

Nanny went to hospital.

August –

Quiet weekend Matthew and Damien went to visit their mum. Bridget had a Birthday. Caity and I met Matthew and Damien at Nat’s for dinner with James.

Very Sad news Bridget’s grandma passed away (Monday).

More bad news our car is in very bad shape.

Very sad news Sean’s uncle passed away (Wednesday).

Caitlin had a job interview and they loved her, just waiting on her eligibility for traineeship to be confirmed at the school. So fingers crossed. So some nice news.

We are very glad to report Matthew’s mum is home and sounding better every day.

Busy Weekend Caity had a sleepover at Dylan’s. We did a flower delivery to Hayley and Bridget.

Had a lovely weekend with Lockie and Tiff. Had a double date at Recyclerama and Nepalese Lunch date. Which was our first time trying Nepalese Food. On way home had a lovely impromptu dinner with Damien, Natalie, Matilda and Grandad. Had a great games evening playing Cluedo and Family Feud. Lockie and Matthew working on my gardening bench (Matthew’s current project), and with Tiff and I having a lovely morning at the markets and a chick flick when we got home.

Bridget farewelled her Grandma’s(Tuesday).

Matthew is going to Canberra for training which is very exciting news.

Caity got her traineeship confirmed and induction booked in.

Caity got to 100 on the highway for the first time and put fuel in the car.

Had some bad news, one of my dearest and longest friends, my cousin Mal’s wife Leanne sadly lost her mum (Wednesday).

Busy Weekend Mother daughter Movie Night went to see “The Big Sick”. Caught up with friends from Matt’s old work at the “Plough Inn”. Great night.

2017-08-19 Plough Inn Date
2017-08-19 Plough Inn Date

Caity drove from home to Ipswich for the first time today for those who are not aware it is an hour and a half drive with most being highway.

Next to organise eye and hearing tests that we are overdue for. I will take this opportunity to remind all our loved one to get a check up, do your health checks that includes asking for a mental health check. We all need propping up sometimes it not a sign of weakness to need help occasionally.  Something some of us offer freely and unselfishly but find difficult to accept from others.

Without your mental health in check your life will end up tougher than it needs to be. You don’t need to have anything wrong to request one just get it checked.

My heart is with those I love for their loss. I rejoice for the good news and cherish it.

So an emotional roller coaster to say the very least. and the month is not over.

2017 Jan to July

So this year started quite stressful with working out where we were moving to and trying to find a rental to move before school went back.  Escalated by school zoning so without an address in the catchment it increased our stress and we had chosen the school. Part of this move was to reduce Matthews travel time with work and the other was a lifestyle change.  9 years in the one location was the longest we have lived anywhere and has come with a lot of sacrifices, learning curves and life lessons.

In January Matthew Caitlin Dylan and I went to the speedway at Archerfield. It was great and I got to catch up with some old friends Maree Gee and Dean Mc Comb.  It bought back so many memories and was great watching Maree’s son Mitchell race in the Sprint Cars. We found a house and moved just in time for Caitlin to start year 11 at her new school.  Kathy and Mark bought Ebony and our new niece Ivy for a weeks holiday which was awesome. They were such a great help with our move.

Caity and Ivy
Caity and Ivy
Ebony Matt and Ivy
Ebony Matt and Ivy

Moving our animals what a cat-astrophy lol, the poor cats were traumatised for at least a week, very funny story goes with this but I will leave you with that. Dogs thought it was great that they got to go in the car. Lots of trips back to the house in preparation for our tenants we secured got sleepovers at Nessy, Narnie and Belle’s and also Nikki and Ritchie’s. They moved in end of the month. Animals have all settled in now which is great. Douglas went to the vet because he was starting to look like a panda loosing hair around his eyes only to find out he is allergic to fleas. Lockie and Tiff had their first sleepover at our new place.

In February We had a sleepover at Nikki and Ritchie’s so I could finish cleaning for tenants. Took Nikki to the Drag for her first time as a thank you for all her help and suprised her and Cherry who was driving in the Powder Puff Comp for her first time with Darryl. Breanna and Brendan joined us.

Nikki at the Drags
Nikki at the Drags

Toby, Lockie and Tiff slept over. Nikita and Luke visited and I met little Noah for the first time. Had a sleepover at Nessy’s and Visit to Hayley’s. Caity turned 16.  We went to Australia Zoo for the girls birthday weekend. Damien, Nat, James and Matilda joined us for cake. Tiffany turned 20. Have had a lot of adjustments this year so far.  We started doing our health check ups and found a good doctors surgery. Have discovered the local markets which are great!!

In March We had a sleepover at Lockie and Tiff’s and then her birthday lunch the next day. Hayley’s for coffee. Josh and Erin’s Engagement Party. Sleepover at Hayleys. Had a coffee date with my boys Woomby with Lockie and Juzzy on way home. Had nothing planned which turned into a Date with Matt cruising the sunshine coast. Had a drink at Ettamoga Pub and Dinner at O’malley in Mooloolaba. Lockie and Tiff had a sleepover for our Family Movie weekend. Picked up Juzzy the next morning and all went to Chermside to the movies and lunch, then swung into The Struthers of the Hills of Mangoes for coffee and board games.  The 38 SQN Association has held its first meeting, which is very exciting. Caity went her first movie date with Matilda and Aunty Nat to see “Beauty and the Beast”.

April Started with a Car Show which was pretty good and markets. Babysat Matilda for the first time and we had a ball. She did some cooking with us over the three day whilst Aunty Nat settled into her new job.

Caity and Matilda cooking
Caity and Matilda cooking

Had a great Birthday with all of my kids home and Nessy, Narnie and Isabelle had a weekend sleepover. Justin ran his first Dungeons and Dragons game here with Callum and Toby. Finishing my birthday weekend off with dropping all the kids off home and sleepovers for Matthew to take me to Lockie and Tiffs for lunch and the Theatre for us all to catch up with Jayden who is amazing and watch him perform in “Wicked”.

Wicked - Jayden Tiff Me Lockie Matt
Wicked – Jayden Tiff Me Lockie Matt

Easter was very busy went to a local Family Fun Day with Damien, Nat and Matilda and watched her climb the rock climbing wall. We then went up to the Caloundra Twilight Markets which was also great and watched and listened to “Juzzy Smith” who is amazing. Went for a BBQ at the Hills of Mangoes and met Kourtney James’ girlfriend whilst Matthew proceeded to be a pirate whilst he drank rum with Damien (I may have told him he could only buy rum if he was a pirate whilst he drank it lol) great night and we now owe Matilda a new sword. Easter also made me a great aunt again to little Nikko, from my niece Celeste who shares a birthday with my brother Jamie. Finally did our dental checkups. Nikita visited with little Noah. Sleepover at Lockie and Tiff’s for Tiff’s Nutrimetics Party. Unexpected trip to Sydney for Anzac Day. Marched with the 38squadronassociation.org.au for their first time and first time for me as an adult.  Marched with BO, Aaron, Jack, Dick and Declan with one of the biggest banners there.  Was truly amazing.

Anzac Day March
Anzac Day March

Also got to stay with my gorgeous best friend Nikki and her kids which was the best miss them terribly. Caitlin in finally settled which means I am too. this month finish with a visit from Nat, Damien and Matilda the played UNO. Finishing the month with Caity getting her learners.

Caity got her learners
Caity got her learners

Unlike last year flat our and exhausted and momentum seized up over the last 9 years. Its funny despite how busy we have been this year we have felt refresh and had a great time.  So life is going good and we are getting our momentum again which personally I am loving.

May Matthew and I went away to Marcoola for a few days. We went to the Air Museum for a short catch up with Gecko and Griff.

Matt Griff and Julie at QAM
Matt Griff and Julie at QAM

Matthew has organised to do a few hours volunteer work with him on the Caribou. Also caught up with Bud which was great we chatted for hours. Finally finished at the Caloundra Markets.

Marcoola date
Marcoola date

Was an awesome get away. We are truly gaining momentum with our new lifestyle and I for one am loving it. Regular drop in Friday Coffee with Mr and Mrs Struthers of the Hills of Mangoes is just wonderful. Justy turned 19. Had one of the best Mother’s Days and one of the most special this year got to see all my babies. Matthew, Damien, Dylan, Caity and Cody watched the went to the footy Tigers vs Bronco’s and was Caity’s first time at the stadium. Justin started being a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragon’s. Their is a group of 6 of them Lockie, Caity and Matthew plus Callum and Toby. I spent a day with my mummy at my Step Sister Brenda’s and we took a selfie.  First time mum tried San Churros.

2017-05-20 Coffee with mummy
2017-05-20 Coffee with mummy

Passed our house inspection. Had various Dr appointments. Button and Chelsea had a joint Vet appointment. A first for me with a cat and a dog lol.  Poor Button’s is over grooming and pulling out her fur she had anxiety. Nessy, Narnie and Belle came for a sleepover. Finished the month with Matthew poisoning himself and ending up in hospital overnight.  No you can NOT eat any mushroom that grows in your front yard LOL. Finally got to catch up with Linda W from school and my dearest and known the longest first best friend Linda B known each other for 40 years last saw each other 24 years ago was so awesome. Facebook used properly is amazing.

2015-05-31 Me and Linda B
2015-05-31 Me and Linda B

June has seen a busy day out for Matthews Birthday, Justy, Bridgy, Matthew and I watched Matilda play soccer and we all went for brunch granddad joined us. Then the four of us went off to the Steam Fair, Dropped Justy and Bridgy home then went to the Kallangur Night Markets and I had Lockie and Tiff to join us and surprise Matthew, then off to San Churros for a coffee on the way home.

2017-06-03 Matts B'day
2017-06-03 Matts B’day
2017-06-03 Matts B'day 1
2017-06-03 Matts B’day 1

Caity and Matthew climbed  Mt Ngungun which is a sub volcanic mountain. This means Mount Ngungun is a sub volcanic rock also known as a Hypabyssal Rock. Went for coffee with Linda’s mum Aunty Alison twice. Matthew and I joined Linda and her whole family for her son Christopher’s Birthday Dinner which was great.

2017-06-10 Chris 24th a
2017-06-10 Chris 24th a

Went for a dinner at a friend Tina’s from school. Had some Bromiliads donated to my garden from Jeanie and Podge was a great catch up. My babies had sleepovers. Girls Movie Night with Linda B saw “Rough Night”. Caity went to see the same movies later on that night for a Girlie Night as well. More Dr appointments. Caity had block exams. Matthew and I did a goals workshop and a Life Goals Workshop. Caught up with Megan B. Caity went out for dinner for her friend Bella’s Birthday. Caity and I had a hairdresser date.

2017-06-27 Embracing the grey
2017-06-27 Embracing the grey
2017-06-27 Embracing the grey 1
2017-06-27 Embracing the grey 1

Matthew and I went to a Trivia Night which was a lot of fun. Re signed our lease so we are staying put for a year. Caitlin went to Teen Street and had a great time.

July we caught up with Nikita, Luke, Noah, Danielle, Cooper, Nikki and Ian. My babies had sleepovers. We had a sleepover at Lockie and Tiff’s. Lockie cooked us a lovely pork roast and the crackle oh my goodness. Cake for Tom’s Birthday now an adult. Day at the shops with Linda B. More Dr appointments and the flu hit Justy, Caity and I. Markets on Sundays when I can. Tom had a visit from Peter and Nathan for the weekend and the Beauclerc’s visited. This month ended with Nanny Zee going into hospital.