2015 Milestones for the Struthers Clan Term 1

16 mar 2015  This year began with the family going to the Escape Room as we bought vouchers for Christmas and this was our family present.  It was awesome and we had a great time pretending to be detectives and solve the mystery.  The Choice we selected was “Missing Missy”.

Escape Room
Escape Room

Matthew was accepted back into the RAAF Reserves. We celebrated our nephew’s 17th Birthday, oh how times fly’s James. Had a family sleepover and Bridget got to meet them properly. Had a games night playing Cluedo which was great. Then to the rock pool the next day for a swim before heading home.

We have a new edition to our busy family. Curtis is now living with us while he finishes this year in year 12. Curtis is one of Justin’s mates and like a son to us as we adopted each other years ago when we first moved to the Valley. Curtis and Felix his brother, one of Lockie’s mates, are two of our many extended family that we have adopted over the years and are both like sons to us, and siblings to the kids. Justin went to Simoun’s Birthday Party and went to a Tepenyaki  Restaurant for the first time. He has also joined the National Tree Day Lockyer Committee whom his girlfriend Bridget is junior area coordinator for.  Justin has himself a job at the Markets in Toowoomba where Curtis has joined him. Julie found a car finally.

So far have been able to catch up with the Hogan’s who recently moved down from Townsville which was awesome to see them again. Plan to have many more catch ups. Had a visit from Kim D which was a lovely surprise. Other catch ups have been with Cheryl R, Kellie-Ann, Nikki D and Grace B oh and Tom and Janet S.

Matthew and Julie started Lesson learning Rockabilly Dancing. So far Kellie-Ann, Caitlin, Curtis and Felix have come with us and we have all enjoyed it. Lots of fun for all age groups. Had to get some music to practice to so now we can practice at home. Justin left for Melbourne with school for the Aerospace Trip to Avalon Airshow. Caitlin celebrated her 14th Birthday. Justin became a Senior Leader and Caitlin is a Junior Secondary leader and are both on the Student Representative Council.

Busy Weekend Justin, Bridget, Matthew and Caity all did Clean Up Australia with NTDL. Then raced to Uncle Damien’s for Matilda’s 6th Birthday, and then off to our first Toga Party for Billy’s 18th and we all had a great time. More news for March Felix Curtis’ brother has also moved in whilst we help him with enrolling into the RAAF. Lockie also moved out on his own with 4 friends to Toowoomba to be closer to uni. Ready for the big world as a fully fledged adult now and I’m sure he will enjoy the adventure he is now embarking on being the start of his adult life. Matthew often joked about kicking them out once they were 18 but we lost one and gained two so I not sure that its working out quite as he expected ha ha. Felix also celebrated a birthday. Caitlin and Curtis both were selected into Dance Troupe so looking forward to the Estieddford’s later in the year. March is nearly over and so will term one of school for the kids.