2015 Family Tree Thank you Facebook!

Last week one of my cousins add me and I have been chatting with her getting to know her. So today I was checking out family members on one side of the family that I have added on facebook to see how many more relatives I could find and see what they look like now.  To my surprise I have located nearly all but one Aunt and her children and one cousin not on facebook.

I started with had 2 aunts and 1 uncle and 4 cousins added, and 1 aunt and 2 uncles pending.  Now I have 2 aunts 1 uncle and 9 cousins added with 1 aunt, 2 uncles and 5 cousins pending. This happened in a day.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t all add me it is just amazing having the ability to find them and send them a message and or see what they look like. There are many I have never met so to see a photo was great. They all live all over the country so I would have no idea where to start to find them.  Using facebook was a great tool to find them other than relying on relatives to pass on a message.

Using facebook for good instead of evil lol.

So thank you facebook.