2015 Dating your spouse…. Update

So we are 8 months into dating. 4 months in Matthew re proposed. We have pretended to in together which could be said happened when I returned from a week in Newcastle LOL. Which brings us to 2015. So far 2015 has bought on lots of changes and busy lifestyle. We  have found ourselves caught up in life and drifting back to some old habits we aren’t perfect lol. We started to go to Rockabilly lessons which is something we enjoyed but finding the time is not all that easy some weeks. We have had a chat recently about managing our stress as this was one of the things we felt was a contributing factor to why we were creeping back and being slack. Working out how to manage our stress before we became short fused was a wise choice in hind sight. We also have individually taken time whether it was deliberate or not to remember how things were in the beginning of our relationship to try to work on ensuring we stay on track and to re ignite some of those old feeling we know are still there but get masked from lifestyle and stress.  What we have found so far is they weren’t too far from the surface which was a pleasant surprise.  As I have said before we don’t have all the answers but even if one thing we have done can help the ones we love and care about I am happy to share. Naturally there are things we won’t be putting in this post but happy to talk about if asked :-).  Looking forward to whats in store for us this year cause its nearly Easter.

Well Easter in over and a trip away for two days was just what we needed to re focus and de stress a little. One thing is clear the more effort you both put it the more rewarding and closer your connection is. So it’s always a work in progress LOL. Naturally this also depends where your relationship is at as to how much work it would require to get to this point. very happy with our progress although slowed and at times feels like set backs its finding a balance with life and love too much of either and the other suffers.

Love life balance and communication I think are the keys to keeping a good relationship going. If only we could work out a how to get the perfect work life balance that is a whole nother subject but one we are also working on. Maybe I should write about that next.