Natural Remedies – Garlic

I have discovered a few natural remedies over the years and wanted to share them.


Is fabulous as a natural anitbiotic…. and keeps the vampires away LOL

I had a really sore throat a few years back and a friend of mine Claire Told me to try it as I could hardly swallow and felt like I had flem caught in my throat… Which I discovered after trying to cough it up was my tonsils. One side was really bad and the other side had started to get inflamed.  So I gave it a go.

No you do not eat it!  If you can swallow a tablet you can use garlic.  Fresh Natural Garlic works better than tablets.

So what you do in chop it fairly small so it digests faster.  Put is UNDER your tongue (this way you dont taste it) and take a big swig of drink and swallow it down and continue until all gone.

Works well taken with Orange Juice or Coffee and eat something straight after as it can make you a little sick in the tummy.  This will also lessen not eliminate the garlic breath or repeating.  This also works for Ear infections.  ETC…

My kids have not had to have anitbiotics now for over six years….