First Aid YUCAN2!…Can you save your childrens lives?

“First Aid YUCAN2 offers quality First Aid training at an affordable price, with real life experience from Trainer, Tammy Richie. I knew what to do when I found my son drowning, would you know what to do, well YUCAN2!”
This is the description from this Facebook group for a good friend of ours.  Tammy has an excellent concept and dream in which every parent, Mum’s in particular, are able to save their children from dying.
This business of Tammy’s arose out of the need to save her own son and then realising how needed these important skills are in the community.
If you value your children’s lives and want to know how to save their life if the need arises, contact Tammy to find out how you can do a course.
Alternatively, if you would like to contact us and do it at our place I am trying to get enough people together to get Tammy out, I need another 10 (use the form below).
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